First, the business of eCommerce storefront is hard for many people standing on the outside looking in to understand indeed.

I know this because initially, it was hard for me to wrap my mind around it. eCommerce is an invisible – virtual – world that only those that step inside can enjoy genuinely.

Over the past eight months, being the eCommerce Managing Director allows me to exercise my talents as a creative and independent thinker.

It is fantastic working in an industry that plays such a big part of my life.

Think about it. When I order online – and that is just about every week – is a chance to see the newest trends and advancements in action and be excited to make the eCommerce storefront even better.

As designed, the eCommerce business I work has a B2B structure with a B2C side; and the only real requirement is not being opposed to change.

I cannot think of another profession that is such an extraordinary microcosm of all the fundamental skills of business.

eCommerce exposes me to all phases of the business. Such as

  • management;
  • solution selling;
  • cross-selling and up-selling;
  • customer relations;
  • product sourcing and buying;
  • setting prices;
  • online merchandising;
  • customer acquisition;
  • supply chain management;
  • working with wholesalers, manufacturers, and distributors;
  • database and website management;
  • creative writing;
  • email marketing;
  • internet marketing;
  • affiliate marketing;
  • and much more.

So many jobs let me see a piece of the puzzle, but never the whole enterprise at work.

The beauty of eCommerce is the instant feedback I receive from customers, which allows me to “feel” the customer and gain insight into the customer's mind and their wants.

I learn from it, and then quickly come up with a different business strategy.

It is similar to my previous training business, in that it allows me to test new business ideas, learn marketing strategies fast; and get results in real-time. That is unique.

The eCommerce business is so dynamic, but continuous change can become exhausting, which may be too much for some people. That is the nature of this type of business. I suggest that new-comers can take it slow by focusing on a few things, then pick up the rest later – or not.

If you are hunting for a new business opportunity or career, eCommerce will give you the chance to challenge yourself while, hopefully, having a direct impact in changing the lives of others for the better.

Before you get started, know you “why.” Why are you starting an eCommerce business at this stage of your life? I ask you this because the eCommerce business will challenge you in new ways.

The more you understand your belief in the products and services you will offer in your eCommerce storefront, the more loyal customers you will obtain. It is a very hands-on business. So again, ask yourself if you can deal with the daily grind of running an eCommerce business.

If you are the type of person that likes to have total control of your earnings, know your “why” and your passion truly. In the long game, that knowing and understanding will help keep you inspired and, hopefully, lead you to success.