The internet is a big place. At present, there are over 1.5 billion websites on the web, which are increasing by the second. It means that for someone to find relevant information that they're looking for might be easier said than done, a tedious task indeed.

In such a scenario, users have developed two different ways to search for relevant on the internet users have developed two ways. The first is the conventional way of going to a search engine such as Google or Bing, typing keywords contextually important to your search and then looking at the results displayed in front of you. This method is useful when the searched information isn't too complex. The other way to search for relevant information on the internet is via a web directory which is basically an online directory that categorises websites based on different classifications and displays it to the user, from where the user can choose the website he likes the mouse. There are a lot of benefits of using a web directory for a business and a customer, some of which are listed below-

More Localized Search-

As compared to a search engine, it is easier to find a local service and relevant information of local sources from a web directory as compared to a search engine. Web directories always have location classification, helping people find the most relevant website according to their need, and helping local businesses who register with them prosper, as they also gain traction from the traffic provided by a web directory.

Quality Searches-

With a directory, a big advantage that you will have is that the collection of websites in a specific category is manually chosen, which is not the case in a search engine. It means that if you go and try finding the information you're looking for, chances are that you'll land up on a much more authentic source from a web directory as compared to a search engine.

Finding Complex Information is Easy-

If you're looking to do an in-depth analysis or for a very specific service, it'll be easier to do that if you search via a directory rather than a search engine. Let's take an example- Imagine that you're looking for 'Cricket Batting Tutorials' on the internet. There's a good chance that if you up through a search engine, that might only get you to a page that talks about cricket, or displays live scores rather than talking about cricket tutorials. This won't happen with web directory searches.

Beneficial for Businesses-

If you are a service provider which is listed in a web directory, that is going to be very helpful for you in Search Engine Optimization. This way your presence on the internet will increase and you'll rank higher in terms of internet searches. Secondly, research shows that a customer that visits you via a web directory is more likely to make a sale from you as compared to someone who had visited you through a search engine. Moreover, the customer who visited your website through the web directory is more likely to visit you again and again.

These are some of the primary benefits which you can get out of using a directory as customer / researcher and as a business owner. Slowly, searching from web directories is evolving and this way of searching on the internet might be more prevalent in the future.