It’s easy to understand somebody when they are speaking to you face to face. Because we don’t only speak with our mouths. We talk using our bodies too. When face to face, you can read someone’s hand movement, body language, tone of voice and facial movement. This makes it very easy to understand what the person is saying.

But your website content is a whole different issue. When you’re communicating with someone by using the text on your blog, email, forums or articles it’s not always so easy. And it’s challenging, if not impossible, to read any of the aforementioned expressions.

Having said that, by following a few basic rules you can make the content on your website much easier for your audience to understand.

Write Clearly

Think about what you mean to say and write in short, clear sentences. Sentences filled with punctuation can be read in a wide range of ways and may confuse the reader. Keep to short, clear sentences.

Understand ‘Netiquette’

Did you know that writing in all capitals means you are SHOUTING? Is this what you would do in a fact to face conversation? Also, using too many exclamation marks can make your message seem a bit over the top. Try to strike the balance between using expressive punctuation like exclamation marks and not using them at all.

Make It Readable For Humans

It may seem totally obvious, but remember that you want humans to read the content on your website. Don’t just write to catch the attention of search engines. Many websites just have content that is written with lots of keywords to gain search engines results. But if it’s not readable to a human, people aren’t going to stick around your website very long.

Consider Your Audience

Your website content should be written specifically for your target audience. If your customers are beginners to your niche, you don’t want to use complex terminology that they won’t understand. In the same way, if you’re marketing to experienced professionals, you want to use more precise terms and ideas so they see you as a reliable source of information.

Watch Your Spelling and Grammar

If a somebody shows up on your website and ready poorly written content, they’ll most likely leave before they can click on links or buy any products. They think that if you can’t create website content that isn’t high quality, then your products and services are going to be pretty low quality too.