Just watched the “Sixth Sense”.

Hadn’t seen it in years. Very good film. Got to love a thriller!

Anyway, the line where the kid says “I see dead people,” got me thinking.

You see, I realised that line could easily be applied to the world of email. It would read: “I see dead email strategies.” (Spoken in a creepy whisper of course.)

And just like in the film where no one except the kid can see the dead people, barely any business people can spot a “dead” email strategy either.

What I mean is this:

So many business owners and marketers learn about email marketing because they see the potential it has to help grow their businesses. The problem is, they learn techniques that might have worked five years ago, but aren’t anywhere near as effective now.

For example, they learn that…

* HTML emails are better than plain text, because you can add “pretty” photos and artwork…

* You shouldn’t “pitch” in every email…

* You shouldn’t email your prospects more than once or twice a week at the most…

And you know the sad thing?

After a few months of doing this, they then complain that email doesn’t work. When in reality, it’s just their specific strategy that doesn’t work.

And whilst the strategies I’ve just mentioned might have been effective some time ago, they’re not anymore.

Let me explain:

First, your prospects are far too used to getting “pretty-looking” HTML emails from businesses. So these kind of emails now actually turn people off.

Yet plain and “ugly” looking emails work an absolute treat. Why? Just because they look more personal.

Now on to the next two points…

Here’s why you should be emailing your list every day. And, why you should also “pitch” in every single email:

Look, the people on your list will also be on your competitors lists. So you need to stand out. You need to make sure they see you as THE expert in your niche. You need to make sure they see you as THE “go-to-guy” (or gal).

And you won’t do this by just emailing once every so often.

But if you email every single day, then you will.

As for why you should pitch in every email, it’s simple. If you’re selling a product or service that will really benefit people, then it’s your moral and ethical duty to sell it to them. Simple.

Of course, you can’t just send a blatant sales pitch.

You absolutely must provide value, too. If you don’t, then yes, people will get annoyed.

But if you do provide value and make your emails entertaining, then people will look forward to reading every single email you send. Plus, more importantly, they’ll be much more likely to buy.