Trust Must Be Earned

The one thing that will determine how quickly a level of trust is built within the online digital world is how someone interacts with their audience. Engaging your readers will be a huge part of building up the level of trust that converts and satisfies over into a long-term relationship.

Let's take a look at the building blocks of trust and how to gain and maintain a trusting and long-lasting relationship with your viewers.

Now you may think that this is not such a big deal but the truth is that it's a huge ingredient of making conversions and growing your business.

In this article we'll cover the following topics:

  1. Introduction to the power of trust in your business
  2. How to create a root of trust with your viewers
  3. Create repeat and long-term customers
  4. Applying trust in your business

Introduction to the Power of Trust in Your Business

You probably know that Amazon is the world's largest internet company by revenue. What do you think has helped them the most in their rise to the top? Could it be it's because they've invested millions into their brand through site development and advertising, or is there something else that puts them head and shoulders above the rest?

I say, and I think you'll agree that Amazon is trusted and has the power of trust! They have worked hard and long to build up trust with their customers by free shipping, customer reviews, returns, and more. They've done one thing after another to build up a reputation of trust within the e-commerce world and therefore are one of the worlds most trusted businesses in the world.

You can create a “root of trust” with your viewers by being strong in:

The Three Pillars Of Trust Within Internet Marketing

1. Brand

You and what you're representing your logo, and colors.

2. Ambassador

Vouching for the Brand by the words that you use, engaging the readers, and your reputation through answering questions and comments.

3. Website

A good user experience, pleasing to the eyes, orderly, not filled with ads trying to sell or multiple pop-ups.

  • Lots of quality helpful content showing variety, including “how to” articles along with related educational content and even tutorial videos.
  • Reviews of competing related products done in an appealing way that informs the reader and holds their interest, and might offer a better solution.
  • Have a nice photo of yourself on the website home page and / or on the about page.
  • Engaging the readers in a timely professional manner when they ask or answer a question, or when they leave a comment.

How to lose trust and business

Have you ever been on a website that promotes products or a program, that seems to be really fine, but you start looking for the contact page or a support email address and couldn't find a way to contact the seller? Sure there may be a Q&A section with about 5 basic questions with answers but no feel of a live person anywhere. What if I need customer support

At least a few times I have clicked on a website and there was poor grammar, broken English, or misspelled words on the page. This is a turnoff for many users who will click away and land on another website.

In all of the above situations, I click off of the site and onto another one because I've lost confidence or trust in the site owner. I decide to find another site to make my purchase on, a more trustworthy place in my view, for me to spend my money.

How You Can Create A Root of Trust

The best way to create that element of trust is to help the viewer and offer value in all 3 pillars of trust, Brand, Ambassador, and Website and go beyond what is expected. Adding consistent, helpful, and quality content to your website, videos and email will go a long way towards building viewer comfort and trust.


You can create your own logo at Dafont dot com. or you can also have a logo created at fiverr dot-com, or upwork dot-com, etc. Get a nice logo with 3-4 nice brand colors (Color.adobe. Dot-com)

Go to Color.adobe dot-com, and Click on Explore to choose your color theme from thousands of available options. Save the selected colors, then Click on Create.

Ambassador of your brand

Write helpful content that isn't a sales pitch. Focus on quality helpful content and not on making a sale. Describe the product in depth giving all of the information in a helpful manner and go beyond what is expected by the reader.

Create value by telling a relatable story

If possible create a personal story of how you came to believe in and use the product.

Engage with your audience on social media forums, commenting on relatable conversations and by answering questions, comments, and email.


  • Create a thoughtful user experience.
  • The visitor should get where you want them to be in 3 clicks or less.
  • Think out the user experience and also check your site Google Analytics which will show the visitor behavior, what they clicked, how long they stayed on a page and where they went from there, and more. See the funnel which shows where people are visiting on your website.
  • Reduce ads on your website – keep the user experience friendly and don't be trying to sell but build up a trust instead.
  • Easy to find information.

Creating Repeat and Long-Term Customers

Keep in contact with your customers with regular messaging every few days or so. Send them the latest post or relevant news flash to remain a positive source for them and ask them if they have any questions, or if you can get some feedback from them. This will build trust and can be of great value to your reader and yourself also.

A nice customer list or niche related email list is a must to build with your regular, quality content, videos, and tutorials. These email lists can be the main source from which many sales and repeat business come from.

It's always a good idea to read the email that's being sent as if you were the receiver of it before sending it off. Another must for email marketing is to use an Autoresponder like Aweber or Mailchimp so that you can write as many messages as needed and set the autoresponder to send each one on a specific day and time.

Applying Trust in Your Business

Email – Create a valuable offer to get visitors to sign up to your list. Create a series of nice helpful emails and send them out regularly and repeat the process, staying positive in the person's mind. It's a good idea to use a “spillover” type of email series where you can let the reader know at the end of each message what the following message will be about, or link back to a previous contact.

Ask for engagement within the first two emails, what they think or if the reader has any questions or at least a “Please hit reply if you received this message”. This will help build a relationship and trust.


  • Always take time to respond to comments with at least a “thank you for visiting and commenting”.
  • Reach out through social media forums and fish with your comments and URL as bait and hook.
  • Ask for engagement within your content, “what do you think about that?” “leave a comment if …”.

Product recommendations

  • Tell them why you recommend a product or service and give a thorough explanation. Doing a full review of the product is best leading up to your expert recommendation.
  • Tell a relatable personal story if possible, ex: why and how you became aware of and purchased the product. Or tell about the fine results that you are getting while using the product.
  • Pain points – Relay the need for the product by describing what it's like without it. Draw a picture with words and show how much better and painless it would be if the reader had the use of this product.